Eulogizing Books

Ke Ling

| 译文摘自张培基《英译中国散文选二》

I always think of books with profound feeling, being deeply indebted to them, as I am, for the warmth they have brought me.

1,题目“书的抒情“在此不宜直译,通过文章内容,我们可以将其理解为”书赞“译为Eulogizing Books或A Eulogy on Books,简译为On Bookes也是可以的,但缺乏感情色彩,不及前者贴切~
2,“说到书,我很动感情”即“我对书有很深的感情”,故译为I always think of books with profound feeling
3,“因为它给我带来温暖,我对它满怀感激。“译为being deeply indebted to them, as I am, for the warmth they have brought me。英汉差异的原因,365娱乐在线中表示原因的句子通常后置(如果不是表特殊强调的话~),这点在英译汉时尤为凸显


Books are my beloved teachers. In my childhood, when I was deprived of happiness and schooling by poverty, books took me to their large bosoms and nurtured me generously. It is to them that I owe what I am today. Without them, I would probably have ended up in abject misery long ago.

2,“剥夺了我童年的幸福,把我关在学校大门的外面”译者将其视为一个意思,即“剥夺了我童年的幸福和受教育的机会”,进行合译,译为was deprived of happiness and schooling by poverty
3,“沟壑”本指“溪谷”山沟,常引申指“野死之处”,因此本句意为“死无葬身之处”,译为would probably have ended up in abject misery,意思是“结局悲惨”


Books are my good friends. They have offered me a golden key to broadening my horizons and ridding myself of stupidity and ignorance. They spare no efforts to help me.

1, 注意本段词语搭配问题,中文可以说“打开视界,头脑,心灵”但译为365娱乐在线就要分别找其对应的搭配了~分别为“开拓视野”以及“使我摆脱愚昧和物质”,分别译broad horizon, rid sb of sth

Books are my sweethearts in my youth, my bosom friends in my middle age, and my companions in m y declining years. Accompanied by books, I never feel lonely, nor fear social snobbery or fickleness of the world. They have made a rich man of me in the inner world. I cannot do without them even for a single day. When I feel tired out after finishing my work, or when I am in a bad mood, I’ll try to get close to books for comfort ----the best way for me to find spiritual consolation.

1, make A of B,即“使B成为A”,之前的文章中也见过~
2, inner world 即“内心世界”,“ 人情冷暖”即social snobbery or fickleness of the world


Oh, if only I were a confirmed bibliomaniac or bookworm! But, unfortunately, I’m still not fully qualified for one yet!

1, 本句表达了一种不能实现的愿望,故使用了虚拟语气,oh是添加成分,用以加重语气

I don’t know who was the despicable originator of the prison. Deprivation of freedom is the most savage punishment on earth for sure, but, as I’ve learned from my own personal bitter experience, if prisoners are permitted the right to read they should not be regarded as totally devoid of freedom.

1,“监狱的始作俑者”意即“可鄙的监狱创始人”,故译为the despicable originator of the prison
2, for sure即“诚然,毫无疑问”
3, devoid of即“缺乏,没有”,同义词还有lack of

Burning or banning books is the height of folly and barbarity, signifying a most horrible retrogression in history.Of course there is also some rubbish among books to be avoided like the plague or Death by all.

1,“最大的愚蠢,十足的野蛮”译为is the height of folly and barbarity,等于is an act of the greatest folly and barbarity
2,” 那是瘟疫之神,死亡天使,当与世人共弃之”合译时,可按“他们就像瘟疫或死亡天使,人皆避之”,译为be avoided like the plague or Death by all.

It is the greatest pleasure for a writer to present to his friends gift copies of a book authored by himself or to have it offered to the reading public. And he will feel richly rewarded if his books arouses public interest and earns wide acclaim.It is the greatest joy of life for one to spend his leisure time reading in quiet surroundings. On the eve of the fall of the “Gang of Four”, I used to go to Longhua Park every day for a reading session, seeking shelter from a sea of frosty looks and hostile stares in a world of my own. That will forever remain an unforgettable experience of my life.Books are sunlight and air, rain and dew. I can’t imagine what would become of the world without books.

1,“…是最好的酬谢”或“…是人生最有味的享受”均采取了it作形式主语的句式,将重心移到了句子的尾部,这也是我们处理“事实+评论”的句子时最常使用的手法,如”西方列强发现使中国接受不平等条约是轻而易举的“译为The western power found it was easy to force China to accept the unequal treaty.
2,”海洋般的“译为a sea of ,此处of 理解为同位语关系,比如an angle of a child(一个天使般的孩子)
3,“每天到龙华公园读书“译为used to go to Longhua Park every day for a reading session,其中session(本意为”阶段,环节“在此处表示”从事某项活动的一段时间“,这种译法跳出了常规,显得别具一格~